I am an early career researcher in the field of computing, conducting research focusing technology misuse.

Having obtained my undergraduate degree in Computing at the University of Plymouth and subsequently continued to specialize in Cyber-Security at postgraduate level; I am currently continuing as a research student towards a PhD in Computing.

My research interests focus on the privacy impact of internet-of-things devices in situations of domestic abuse, particularly how to identify and prevent technology facilitated intimate partner violence. Along side my research, I teach on the undergraduate and postgraduate Computer Science courses at Plymouth, with a focus on agile systems methodology, cyber security and project management.


Whilst engaged in my undergraduate journey, I volunteered in various capacities as a student representative through the University of Plymouth Students’ Union. In my first two years as an undergraduate, I was elected as the course representative for the Computing programme and was elected as the placement representative for all computing programmes in my third year.

I concluded my undergraduate journey by being elected as the School Representative for the School of Engineering, Computing & Mathematics at the University of Plymouth and was named School Representative of Year by UPSU in 2021.

Digital Champion

In addition to my research and teaching commitments, I am also currently engaged as part of the Student Digital Champion programme at the University of Plymouth, helping to support coordinate the team of student workers with the goal of improving the level of digital literacy within our campus.

As part of this role, I have presented as the lead author at several nationally recognized conferences including the Jisc Change Agents network an Advance HE symposium on students as co-creators.

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